The CCSM extends a message of peace for the New Year 2018

The CCSM extends a message of peace for the New Year 2018

By Fr. Rif'at Bader

The Catholic Center for Studies and Media (CCSM) reviews Pope’s message marking the 50th World Day of Peace Message which coincides on January 1. The CCSM draws attention to the fact that this message, since the issuance of its first version 50 years ago by Pope Paul VI in 1968, has been aimed at the entire peoples of the world in an endeavor to map out a roadmap designed to define means of handling current affairs that threaten world peace or undermine human dignity.

The CCSM statement points out that this year’s message deals with migration and is titled, “Migrants and Refugees: Men and Women Seek Peace.” The message notes there are more than 250 million migrants and more that 22.5 million people of whom are refugees. It adds that they are men, women and children who seek a place where they can enjoy peace at a time when many of them are ready to risk their lives and face difficulties to surmount all the obstacles that stand in their way; and stresses that hosting these people requires a commitment by these states to adopt concrete commitment, alertness, and responsible management in view of the complicated situations.

In light of this reality, the message of Pope Francis--which is the fifth message by His Holiness since his election--referred to the views of several countries which take into consideration that the reception of refugees would endangers security, pointing out that the globalization of indifference toward the displaced and the refugee is an ignobility of the human dignity which must be recognized by all. In this context, it called for viewing migration as an opportunity to build a future of peace for migrants and refugees who come with potentials, aspirations and indigenous cultures, thereby they strive to enrich the lives of the countries that receive them.

The message provides a practical strategy consisting of four measures, namely welcoming, protection, promotion, and integration. Welcoming implies expanding the possibilities of legitimate admission while balancing national security with protecting basic human rights. Protection means recognizing the dignity of all those who flee from real danger seeking refuge, security and dignity. At this time, this directs us towards the integrated human development of the displaced and refugees, such as ensuring the children’s right to education. Integration means allowing refugees and displaced persons to participate fully in the society through a mechanism of mutual enrichment and fruitful cooperation in promoting the integrated human development of local communities.

The message of the Pontiff called on the UN to launch two comprehensive conventions. The first one deals with safe and orderly migration while the other for refugees to serve as a frame of reference for political proposals and practical measures, stressing that they should be inspired by solidarity, wisdom and courage as an opportunity to advance the peace process.

CCSM Director Fr. Rif’at Bader said that we take great pride as we read this message for this year. We believe that our Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan has fulfilled the Holy Father’s message. The Kingdom has made great efforts to receive and shelter the refugees, to preserve their dignity, and to maintain the Jordanian people’s solidarity towards their brethren in humanity. Despite the great burdens facing the Kingdom, Jordan has shown unprecedented support in safeguarding the dignity of the refugees and of the forcibly displaced while being supported by several institutions, namely Jordan Caritas.

We address the message of peace of the New Year while we laud the diplomatic efforts led by His Majesty King Abdullah II towards the Arab city of Jerusalem. The CCSM has referred to these efforts as “the diplomacy of wisdom”, referring to the coincidence with the noble position of the Holy See, or rather the Vatican, to preserve the status quo in the Holy City, to respect international covenants, as well as to affirm the historic Hashemite custodianship of Islamic and Christian holy sites in the hope to declare East Jerusalem as the capital of the independent Palestinian state on its national soil.

With the advent of New Year, the CCSM conveys its heartfelt greetings and well wishes to His Majesty King Abdullah II, the Hashemite family and the united Jordanian family with their Muslims and Christians. May God protect Jordan’s leadership, people, our national unity, and every person who strives to attain peace.

Happy New Year

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