The child “Aylan” standing at the entrance of FAO

The child “Aylan” standing at the entrance of FAO

By Fr. Rif’at Bader

By the portal of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in Rome a statue of three-year-old Syrian child Aylan Kurdi was placed a week ago. This child died in 2105 when he drowned in one of the Turkish shores after trying to flee to Greek islands in one of the” boats of death” with his family. Next to his statue stands and angel that looks like him holding his shirt and weeping painfully as if he is making an earnest call to the world seeking the remnants of human conscience. Here I recall "Moses" that was sculpted by Michael Angelo in 1515, which is regarded as one of the most beautiful and impressive artistic work worldwide. It was said that after the completion of the work, Michael Angel shouted in the face of "sculptured statue” why not talk to me? He hit his right knee with a hammer, the traces of which are evident nowadays. The Italian sculptor Luigi Prevedel was inspired by the incident which led to the death of Aylan on the shores of the world. He grasped the most impressive lesson, so he showed the cry on the face of the angel who would welcome him in heavens. Whoever visits the site would undoubtedly hear the white sculpted statue say: “O, to those passing through the portal of FAO, I present to you the martyr of hunger, child Aylan.” Hunger is not merely physical but rather hunger for justice and security. This makes one wander astray on the roads of the world and its terrifying shores. In September, sculptor Prevedel presented his new piece of work to His Holiness the Pope in the Vatican, who in turn forwarded it to be stationed by the portal of one of the most important international organizations concerned with humanitarian affairs.

This is what is stationed by the portal of the FAO. There is inside 194 international members who were present a few days ago for a special celebration marking the World Food Day, namely on October 16, where they hosted Pope Francis, referred t as "Father of the Poor," who delivered an address titled, "Change the Future of Migration, Investing in Food Security and Rural Development." With the increasing number of starving people nowadays, where they stand at more than 190 million people, attention focused on the need to protect the right of all people relevant to food while participating in taking decisions that meets their aspirations, and without being alienated from their relatives. The South American Pope stressed the link between wars and hunger. We cannot solve the problem of poverty and hunger, while we do not exert any effort to achieve peace and disarmament. Pope Francis also focused on caring for the environment as climate change impacts hunger.

It is very interesting to have a cleric get into the FAO. He did not produce statistics, development plans, or economic projects. His most important concern was the care demonstrated by those of good intentions, in particular, to have "love incorporated into the language of international cooperation."

The Pope concluded his address amidst warm applause by the multinational people, while Aylan remained at the portal looking for an opportunity to talk every day at international organization. May he and the weeping angel standing next to him teach the world the language of love, human encounter, human solidarity, sharing of wealth, and social equality.

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