Lessons to be grasped from Bocelli concert

Lessons to be grasped from Bocelli concert

By Fr. Rif'at Bader

It is not easy to hold such a mammoth concert in the Jordanian city of Jerash by renowned singer Andrea Bocelli, where it was attended by senior state officials, as well as a large number of people. So what are the lessons to be grasped from such a concert?

First: Jordan is a country enjoying security and stability. A country lacking security and stability cannot hold concerts such as those held in our dear country throughout summer. The Jerash Festival, Fuheis concerts, wedding and graduation parties, municipal elections as well as resuming the school year in time provide cogent evidence that this country is safe and stable, thanks to its wise leadership, its conscious people and its security apparatuses. Holding the Borelli concert in “Gerasa” affirms this security fact, which we ask God to maintain it.

Second: The presence of such a renowned figure of art such as Andrea Bocelli, who has one of the most important voices in the history of mankind, is indicative of our appreciation for this fine and classical art—such an art that is mastered by a blind guest through his insight rather than his sight at a time when he composes immortal music. The ephemeral pieces of art are merely quasi-arts. What we need is to upgrade our music academies so as to bring about sublime musical education. It is necessary to emphasize the need to preoccupy the young people with whatever is useful, namely art and music because this is one of the best and most effective ways to combat the different forms extremism, exclusion and intolerance.

Third: The success attained by this grand concert is indicative of great harmony and cooperation between the private and public sectors since holding a concert in such important and historical place requires cooperation, nevertheless such a sublime concert suits such a historical place. Appreciation goes to those who organized the concert which we do not hesitate to classify as being universal. We also renew the call for the need to strengthen cooperation among all shades and parties that play key roles in the important tourism sector since such a sector cannot be successful without attaining harmony and solidarity between them.

Fourth: We cannot miss this opportunity without focusing on the role of these concerts in promoting tourism in our country, which is rich in religious resources and religious touristic sites. Despite the short time spent by our guest, Bocelli, in our country, he was accompanied by the minister of tourism, as well as officials from the Apostolic Nunciature and Caritas Jordan, where he went on pilgrimage to the Baptism Site and was consequently baptized by the holy water thus being blessed by the River Jordan water. Furthermore, the site chosen for the concert, namely Jerash's superb colonnaded cardo maximus, constitutes an invitation to the whole world to visit Jordan. Yet, we have to invest in this visit and other visits: Our country was visited by four popes, Mother Teresa, and renowned people of thought and technology who obtained the Nobel Prize of thought, as well as politicians and others. Are we taking advantage of these visits to promote tourism?

Fifth: This unique concert was not merely Italian and foreign, for there were prominent Jordanian participations. This was represented in the performance of soprano singer Dima Karim Bawab, the "Fountain of Love" choir which rose to popularity more than ten years ago, and the orchestra of National Music Conservatory in addition to several renowned musicians. This performance has shown that we have talents worthy appreciation and care. Undoubtedly, the audience has showed pride for Jordan’s achievements and appreciation for this sublime art.

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