New ways for attaining peace

New ways for attaining peace

By Fr. Rif’at Bader

The headline of this article is taken from a conference recently held in Germany titled, “Paths of Peace”. The conference was convened by Community of Sant'Egidio, which is a Christian community renowned for its numerous global activities in support of the values of justice and peace. The title was chosen to denote possible "creativity" on the thorny path of peace, just as war proponents manufacture new weapons from time to time. The conference was attended by a large number of political and religious leaders representing different religions.

Peace is the "exigent need of the entire humanity" amidst the prevailing hurricanes which indicate that reconciliation is difficult and hard, and that there is no way for negotiations and dialogue. It seems that we are going through a long night of global violence, at a time when we learn about new explosions taking place in various regions on daily bases. Familial violence is prevalent on daily in our country on daily bases as well.

The world has gone through several paths, including hatred, among which the name of God and religion were attributed to the folly of terrorism and the imaginary power of peace. From this premise, the world finds out nowadays, as several evil powers have receded, that war is not holy, that it cannot be so, and that violence based on hatred of others cannot justify using the name of God in this regard.

One of the dangers that have been warned against at the conference is the "trap of indifference". This implies a people or individuals living without any disregard for tragedies, destruction and killing of innocent people. It seems that indifference has become a commonplace everywhere. The reaction to this implies sympathizing with the pained, rather than gloating over their suffering or even “taking great pleasure” when a mishap takes place afflicting in particular the young, who have no guilt other than being in an area where natural or human disasters take place.

Indeed, drawing attention to the pained is one of the noblest deeds that can be undertaken in our national and humanitarian societies. Last week, there have been several local and international activities that reflected the positive image of humanitarian interdependence and caring for people's suffering. The recent expansion of the King Hussein Cancer Center at the directives of His Majesty the King is only a sign indicating that this country strives to ease pain as well as support the patients and their relatives. This is concomitant with Pope Francis’ reconciliation visit to Colombia which has been referred to as the most sensitive visit given the civil war that lasted half a century and claimed hundreds of thousands of lives with "friendly" national fire. In this context, we can also recall the global and humanitarian compassion for hurricane victims in the United States.

May humanity unveil its most sublime image and noble expressions.

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