Samira, may her soul rest in peace

Samira, may her soul rest in peace

By Fr. Rif'at Bader

May God have mercy on “Samira” who used to come on daily bases to the “Restaurant of Mercy” which is affiliated with Caritas Jordan. This restaurant became her second home, and its familial atmosphere became part of her routine life.

A few days ago, Samira failed to come to the restaurant at a time when she used to over two years ago. The officials in charge of the restaurant transferred her to a hospital owing to her deteriorating health conditions. She stayed there for a couple of days, then she was transferred to a nursing home for the elderly with Caritas Jordan covering all the expenses.

Two days ago, she passed away with Caritas covering the funeral expenses. It was surprising that she has no relatives in this world who would take part in the funeral. The employees of the Restaurant of Mercy made donations to cover the expenses relevant to funeral procedures.

Samira has left the world with her cane and coarse voice… and with the words of appreciation she conveyed to all those who extended a helping hand to her particularly Caritas Jordan that has all the time been serving her until the last moments of her life.

She left this world leaving behind numerous queries… How and why did she live in extreme poverty? Who is responsible for that? Where are her relatives? Had Caritas not been available to give her a helping hand, which would else do that? Furthermore, are there people living among us who share the same experience and we are not aware of them? Is it true, as have been reported, that she has a brother living abroad who used to take care of her and send her money which were stolen all the time by other people? We just say that it is very painful to view poverty as a barrier that makes people isolated, neglected with no support during lifetime, illness and death.

With her cane, Samira makes a gesture saying: “Stop making these queries! You will not get to a satisfying answer.” Just say: “May her soul rest in peace, thanks to Caritas, peace be upon you, O people of Earth, from the Lord of peace.”

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