Yes, Your Royal Highness, "the world’s conscience is on silent mode"

Yes, Your Royal Highness, "the world’s conscience is on silent mode"

By Fr. Rif'at Bader

It was an impressive gesture to have His Royal Highness Crown Prince Al Hussein Ben Abdullah II deliver Jordan's address at the United Nations, which coincided with the International Day of Peace.

With a sublime address and a lofty Hashemite standing, the young Prince addressed humanity and drew attention to the impending dangers that have continuously been threatening world safety and stability when he said that "the world’s conscience is on silent mode".

The term "silent mode" is used in reference to smart phones when people do not want to be disturbed by calls. This is the way the Prince addressed the global family referring to youths' terms and to their concerns, pains, hopes and aspirations.

Yes, Your Royal Highness, the human conscience has become silent in view of the world's disasters--whether they are caused by nature or humans--and has become silent at a time when, as Your Highness said, billions of dollars are being spent on arms but fell short of ameliorating the conditions of refugees including their education, health and safety services.

The conscience of the world is silent when viewing the pains of children, women and old people, who shout seeking help but to no avail. The conscience of the world is silent when the sanctity of the houses of worship are violated and when people are being expelled from their countries because of their beliefs. This is what happened earlier to the Christians of Mosul and what is taking place to the Rohingya Muslims...This is what has been happening to our brethren in occupied Palestine, whether Muslims or Christians.

Your Highness, as your father and our King Abdullah gave you the authority to make an address in the name of our Kingdom and to represent the new generations of Jordan as well as those seeking a world in which human dignity and social justice prevail: Your words have served as an alarm bell to awaken the conscience of the world. You have placed the entire world at a crossroads or rather two options, either to water the fruitful tree with water, or to add fuel to the raging fire.

The words of the prince served to heal the horrific and chronic wounds of the world, most of which is the wound of silent conscience.

In response to His Highness's call to water a thirsty fruit-bearing tree, Caritas Jordan has held a two-day Youth World Peace Forum titled, "Now is the Time for Peace" with the participation of over one thousand youths from 50 countries worldwide. Following the opening ceremony, the participants observed a minute of silence for the young men and women who died because of natural violence or disasters particularly human violence and terrorism. Later, they listened to a replay of His Royal Highness the Prince's address.

May you grasp a lesson from this, notably the conscience must not be on silent mode.

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