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By Fr. Rif’at Bader
: The year 2018 marks the 10th anniversary of the passing away of one of the most important...More
: With the celebration of Ash Wednesday, Lent began in Jerusalem. As has been tradition for centuries, the prayers that highlight the Sundays during this time of preparation for Easter have also begun. On Saturday and Sunday during every weekend of Lent, the Franciscan friars of the Custody of the Holy Land organize the solemn entrance of the Latin...More
By Claire Guigou/ lpj.org
: On the other side of the Jordan River, less than 50 kilometers from Jerusalem, the East Bank reveals holy sites less touristic but equally fascinating. Overlooking the “Promised Land,” Mount Nebo is one of the most moving places in this country. Discover the Promised Land At night, the road that leads up to Mount Nebo via Madaba gives a strong...More
: Have the monks from one of the last monasteries in eastern Turkey finally won their battle? In 2014, fifty properties belonging to the Syrian Orthodox Church were expropriated by the government in southeast Turkey. Among them were several ancient monasteries where a dozen monks continue to live. Since then, the monks have launched a series of...More
Agenzia Fides
: The unilateral decision of the US Administration to recognize Jerusalem as the exclusive capital of Israel "is undermining the possibility of having positive results concerning peace negotiations" because it brings the issue to a "religious dimension that further complicates the situation." Israel "is taking advantage of US President Donald Trump...More
By Domenico Agasso/ lastampa.it/
: As usual, the Pope and the prelates travel together by coach. “I wish you all a fruitful Lenten journey, and I ask you to pray for me and my collaborators as we begin our week of Spiritual Exercises". So @Pontifex tweeted a few hours before arriving to Ariccia (Rome). The Pontiff arrived at the Casa Divin Maestro around 4:45. The Spiritual...More


On first Sunday of Lent, Pope focuses on temptation, redemption, good news

By Christopher Wells/ vaticannews.va
: The Gospel account of the temptation of Jesus was the basis for Pope Francis’ reflections at the Angelus on the First Sunday of Lent, 2018. Speaking about temptation, the Pope said Jesus went into the desert to prepare Himself for His mission. The Lord had no need of conversion, but was led by the Holy Spirit to be tested, in order to obey the will of the Father, and to give us the grace to overcome temptation. His preparation consisted in fighting “against the spirit of evil” – and for us, too, Lent is a time of spiritual combat. “We are called to face the Evil One with prayer,” the Pope said, so that, “with God’s help,” we might be able “to overcome him in our daily life.” After His confrontation with the devil, Jesus immediately began to preach the Good News, proclaiming, “Repent, and...

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Syriac Orthodox Patriarch Ignatius petitions West to ‘sympathize with us’

By Doreen Abi Raad/ ncregister.com
: Syriac Orthodox Patriarch of Antioch Ignatius Aphrem II remains hopeful that his people can eventually return to the Nineveh Plain.He spoke with Register correspondent Doreen Abi Raad during a visit to the patriarchal residence in Atchaneh, Lebanon, from the patriarchate in Damascus, Syria. Following is the text of the interview: You recently celebrated the first Holy Qurobo over the ruins of the Virgin Mary Church in Deir ez-Zour, Syria. Can you describe for the Register what you experienced in the city and how it was for you personally? First of all, because of the siege of Deir ez-Zour, all of the Christians fled the city — all except for one man. Our church opened a clinic there about two months ago to serve the needs of the people, as there is a great demand for health services...

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Church leaders in Jerusalem say no to the taxation of Church properties

vaticannews.va and lpj.org
: The Church leaders in Jerusalem have made a formal request to municipality of Jerusalem to withdraw their statement of imposing municipal taxes on Church properties. A statement released on Wednesday, February 14, by the Patriarchs and Heads of Churches in Jerusalem states that the intention to impose municipal tax on Churches contradicts the historical position between Churches and civil authorities over the centuries. It further states that the civil authorities have always recognized and respected the great contribution of the Christian Churches, which invest billions in building schools, hospitals, and homes, many for the elderly and disadvantaged, in the Holy Land. The statement declares that Imposing taxes on Churches both undermines the sacred character of Jerusalem, and...