'Hope is life' by Catholic Patriarch Emeritus Michel Sabbah

The current situation is hopeless. In reality, there are no signs of hope at all for the Palestinian people. In spite of that, we hope.

We hope because we are Christians, and God is present.

We hope because we believe in the fundamental goodness of the human being, Israeli and Palestinian. Human goodness will prevail at the end upon the human power of evil.

We hope because Palestinians are persevering in claiming their rights.
It is a source of hope that we never gave up, and that we are still fighting with a firm will, and faith that we will enjoy in the end our rights.

We hope because among Israelis, there are people who are trying to work with Palestinians for what is right. And there are an increasing number of movements for peace, strong in will. All these voices and visions of what is right will prevail and give light to those who do not see, or refuse to see what is right.

If we had no hope we would not live. Hope is life, and history gives us hope. What is right will prevail.

We keep hoping and acting for peace. We act out of love and a vision of peace through life, not death.

In the end, the power of hope is stronger than physical strength. The weak can be stronger than the powerful.

Michel Sabbah
Catholic Patriarch Emeritus

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