CCSM coveys Easter good wishes to all Christians

CCSM coveys Easter good wishes to all Christians

By Fr. Rif'at Bader

The Catholic Center for Studies and Media (CCSM) conveys good wishes to all Christians in the world on the celebrations marking the glorious Rise of Lord Jesus from the Dead. The CCSM pleads with the Almighty to have all Christians mark Easter celebrations on the same day as has been the case this year, since without Christian unity, there will be no authentic testimony of the Christian faith.

The CCSM, represented by its director Fr. Rif'at Bader and all members of staff, expresses sincere gratitude to the dear security apparatuses that preserved the security of the churches and the believers. The CCSM also hopes that dear Jordan will remain an oasis of security, stability, harmony and dialogue in the spirit of citizenship and equality under the leadership of His Majesty King Abdullah II Ben Al-Hussein.

The CCCSM, while being pained by the events taking place in neighboring brotherly countries, hopes that the Glorious Easter will be an opportunity to work unstintingly and sincerely in order to cease fire in any conflict zone as well as to bring peace and justice.

On Easter day, the day marking the rise of Lord Jesus from the dead, the CCSM prays for the souls of the martyrs of the two churches in Egypt and conveys condolences and solace to their relatives. The CCSM also wishes continued stability and national unity particularly as the visit of His Holiness Pope Francis is approaching with its slogan, “Pope of Peace in Egypt of Peace".

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