Easter hymns around the world

Easter hymns around the world

By Fr. Rif’at Bader

1. Jerusalem is the major center of Easter, the Feast of the Resurrection. Who needs not “a resurrection” these days? Perhaps 'the noble city” is badly in need of the resurrection that took place some 2,000 years ago. Let us dedicate our prayers and our hearts towards noble Jerusalem whose residents cling to every grain and span of its soil. O Lord Jesus, let us be witnesses to your glorious resurrection and the resurrection of Jerusalem.

2. In Amman, Latin Patriarchal Vicar for Jordan Bishop William Shomali said on Holy Thursday: "There are still people who sacrifice their lives for others. He set the example of French officer Arnaud Beltrame who swapped places with a woman held hostage in the latest terrorist attack in southern France. Providing a lesson in duty and sacrifice, he was butchered by the terrorists and later shot. He was honored by France for his bravery and sacrifice, and consequently became a model for sacrificing one’s life to save others. Bishop Shomali said, when his wife was questioned about her husband’s motivation, she said, “It is a national motivation that stems from faith. My husband is committed to his national duties, and he recently was committed to his faith. He loved people more than ever before.”

3. To Rome and the world is 'Urbi et Orbi. It is the message which the Pope addresses on Christmas and Easter. On this feast, he called for the entrenchment of peace in the entire world starting with suffering “dear” Syria, for the attainment of reconciliation in the Holy Land, and for concluding peace in Yemen and the entire Middle East as well as for those who aspire for a life with dignity particularly in parts of Africa which suffer from starvation, internal chronic strives and terrorism. He also called for initiating dialogue and mutual understanding in South Sudan as well as launching dialogue in Korea, Ukraine and Venezuela. He summed up his message by calling on politicians to respect human dignity by focusing on children's education and health as well as on the dignity of the elderly. The Resurrection, according to the Pope said: “defeats evil by the power of God's love, eliminates sins, restores innocence to the sinful and joy to the oppressed, dispels hatred, eliminates the cruelty of the oppressors, as well as promotes reconciliation and peace."

4. From Lebanon, and specifically from dear friend Mohammad Al-Sammak, secretary general of the Islamic-Christian National Dialogue Committee, who addressed a an Easter message saying, "As the light shines out of darkness, and as life emerges from nothingness, so is the Easter of faith. It is a renewed start that transcends suffering, pain... and disseminates the omens of goodness, hope and loves for humanity.

5. Security and gendarmerie officers stayed outside the Jordanian churches to express to the world the application of the Constitution which calls for respect for freedom of worship in addition to freedom for holding religious rites. Many thanks to them as well as to the united Jordanian family that expresses solidarity for the common good and strengthens the bonds of dear national unity. Happy Easter!

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