Humanity will be triumphant, God willing

Humanity will be triumphant, God willing

By Fr. Rif’at Bader

Whoever has chosen to attack the churches in Egypt, undoubtedly knows well three issues, namely the holiness of this day, its peacefulness, and its closeness to the hearts. Palm Sunday is one of the holiest days in the year. Through this day, the faithful who have been fasting for 40 days do proceed towards the Holy Week, by moving around the Cross, decorated with roses, seeking the Lord’s forgiveness of humans’ sins. This day is reminiscent of Lord Jesus Christ’s triumphant entry to the holy city of Jerusalem which is dear to the Almighty God and to the people who still view it, despite its pains, as the holiest city in human history. Drawing a comparison between the holy entry of Lord Jesus to Jerusalem and the entry of the terrorist--who tried to cross the gates where weapons of hatred, of killing people and ruining their feasts are banned--there seems to be a malicious intention to undermine the holiness and pave the way to lone wolves and those coming in groups to destroy the holiness, the prayers, the fasting and the almsgiving that characterized the holiest 40 days of the year.

There has been an insane desire to burn olive branches and to kill those who call for love and harmony. All over the churches of the world, the hands waved the olive branches and hymns were sung saying, “O Lord of peace, bestow peace upon us.”

Palm Sunday is a day when the families make all the preparations to bring joy to children. This year, joy is great as the feast is celebrated on the same day according to the Julian and Gregorian calendars. Those who chose this very day to wreak havoc intended to dissipate the familial atmospheres of love.

Furthermore, as the speeches and statements of condemnation followed-- which express not only Christian feelings or the Christian-Islamic solidarity, but the broad human solidarity--we plead with the Almighty God that humanity will be more united by standing firm in the face of terrorism and darkness. Our earnest prayer in this Holy Week is to have the dear and almighty God bestow His mercy on the souls of the martyrs who fell as a result of these atrocities deeds. We also make special prayers hoping that these ruthless deeds will not impact the upcoming papal visit to Egypt which Pope Francis wants it to be according to the slogan of the visit at the end of this month, "Pope of Peace in Egypt of Peace."

May peace be to Egypt and its noble people… May humanity be triumphant, God willing.

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