One week left for the conclusion of the Year of Mercy

One week left for the conclusion of the Year of Mercy

By Fr. Rif'at Bader

The Church will hold celebrations next week marking "the Sunday of Jesus Christ, the Master and the King of the Universe". During the celebrations, His Holiness Pope will close the main Jubilee door at St. Peter's Basilica marking the end of the Year of Mercy which constituted the focus of the Church's prayers and reflections for almost a whole year.

On Sunday, November 13, the Jubilee Door was closed in the parishes of Rome and in the world in preparation for the conclusion of the extraordinary Jubilee Year. It is hoped that it is clear why it was referred to as "extraordinary".

I cannot find words more expressive than those posted by the Catholic Center for Studies and Media on the last page of the 2015 pastoral calendar which states: "Thus, the Jubilee of Mercy has come to an end this month in its capacity as a period of time chosen by the Church, represented by His Holiness the Pope, and marked liturgically.

Yet, mercy does not come to an end by the closure of a door or rather doors of the jubilee. Mercy opens new and large doors for prayer to the sacrament of the divine mercy which does not end in a year. Furthermore, mercy is a daily and an assiduous activity that calls on everyone, who follows the teachings of Lord Jesus, and even on every conscientious person to pursue.

Yes, the Jubilee is over and the doors are closed until the year 2025 in principle which will mark an ordinary jubilee. Yet, the message of mercy has been launched, so let us roll up our sleeves and start work.

To sum up, the closure of the Jubilee Door of Mercy does not imply bringing field work of mercy to an end.

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