Photos of martyrs posted on the Tree of National Unity in Naour

The Tree of National Unity in Naour

Photos of martyrs posted on the Tree of National Unity in Naour

By Fr. Rifat Bader

The Tree of National Unity, presented by Khalil Salem Charity Society in cooperation with the Catholic Center for Studies and Media (CCSM), was lit a few days ago, for the 6th successive year, at the Sacred Heart of Jesus Church in Naour with the participation of the Association of Naour Nashama.

On the first day, the tree decorations included some of the Jordanian achievements attained by a number of Jordanians in several international fora, including those excelling in sports, those having educational, scientific and social activities, as well as institutions that made distinguished achievements.

On the second day, following the martyrdom of Public Security Department and General Directorate of Gendarmerie soldiers, two civilians, as well as a Canadian tourist, the photos were replaced by photos of the martyrs alongside Christmas decorations.

CCSM Director Fr. Rifat Bader reacted to the announcement made by heads of Churches in Jordan that call for limiting Christmas celebrations to religious rituals, by noting that “we wanted through the 'Tree of National Unity' to pray together for the repose of the souls of the pure martyrs who fell in the wake of the heinous terrorist acts in dear Karak Governorate.”

He added that “this name ‘The Tree of National Unity’ is given to this tree, which is donated annually by a Jordanian charity society, in order to demonstrate the invaluable treasure we own in this homeland, namely our unity, security and stability by rallying behind our wise Hashemite leadership led by His Majesty King Abdullah Ben Hussein and His Royal Highness Crown Prince Hussein Ben Abdullah.”

Fr. Bader added: “We placed next to the photos of our pure martyrs the photo of the Canadian tourist who was martyred on our blessed soil, as we also express our solidarity with her relatives and country. We also posted a photo of Maggie Mu’men who was martyred in the explosion that ripped through the Orthodox Church of St. Peter and St. Paul in Cairo as a sign of solidarity with the Arab family or rather with the entire universal family in the face of extremism, violence and terrorism.

For her part, Director of the Khalil Salem Charity Society Hala Al Jarf said: “These blessed days, falling between the Prophet’s birthday anniversary and Christmas celebrations, are a divine invitation for us to be united in weal and woe. The blood of the martyrs that has been shed in our country does strengthen us further and further enhances unity. The tree that has been lit is an expression of the national unity that we convey to the world being a message of love and harmony from Jordan to the entire world.”

A number of Muslim and Christian personalities, Jordanian and Iraqi families, as well as Syrian children took part in the lighting ceremony of the tree and jointly prayed for justice and peace.

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