The Pope forbids the sale of cigarettes in the Vatican

The Pope forbids the sale of cigarettes in the Vatican

By Iacopo Scaramuzzi/

By decision of Pope Francis, the sale of cigarettes to employees, religious and diplomats within the Vatican territory will be prohibited from 2018, in order not to cooperate with a “practice that damages health”.

“The Holy Father has decided that the Vatican will end the sale of cigarettes to its employees in 2018”, Vatican spokesman Greg Burke said, confirming the Argentinean press agency Telam and Wall Street Journal which had anticipated the news. The reason - Burke continues - is very simple: the Holy See cannot cooperate with an exercise that clearly damages people’s health. According to the World Health Organization, each year, smoking causes more than seven million deaths worldwide. Cigarettes, sold to Vatican employees and pensioners at a discounted price, were a source of income for the Holy See. However, no profit can be legitimate if it puts people’s lives at risk.

Fri, 11/10/2017 - 12:05
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