Pope Francis to visit Egypt April 28-29

Pope Francis to visit Egypt April 28-29


Pope Francis has gladly accepted an invitation to make an apostolic trip to Egypt on April 28-29. The visit will take place in response to an invitation by Egyptian President Abdul Fattah Sisi, the bishops of the Catholic Church, His Holiness Pope Tawadros II and Grand Imam Al-Azhar Sheikh Ahmad Muhammad Al-Tayyeb.

His Holiness Pope’s visit to Egypt includes Cairo as well. The trip schedule will be published shortly.

The Council of Catholic Patriarchs and Bishops in Egypt has entrusted Coptic Catholic Bishop of Luxor Anba Emmanuel Ayyad to head a committee in charge of coordinating the visit with the concerned authorities since he will be the Church spokesperson during the visit.

Sat, 03/18/2017 - 14:40
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