Resurrection Moments – God’s Easter Word to Us

Resurrection Moments – God’s Easter Word to Us

By Carmelite Sisters/

The Lord gives to each one exactly what is needed according to the uniqueness of the person:

God's Easter word to us:

To Mary Magdalene, who witnessed the horror of the crucifixion and was overwhelmed with anguish, the Lord was there, whispering her name ‘Mary!’ in that same familiar comforting tone that she thought was forever gone.

To Thomas, confused, separated from the group, lashing out in the defensive unbelief of dashed dreams, Our Lord presented, ever so gently his torn yet radiant Flesh: “Believe”.

To the women, overwhelmed with grief, He had only one necessary word for them that changed everything: “Rejoice!”

To the apostles in the Upper Room, fearful, guilty, doubting and disturbed, He came with the gift that epitomizes the blessings of the New Covenant: “Shalom.” “My Peace I give you.”

Jesus comes to each one of us this Easter season with exactly the word that we need…something and Someone that we can hold onto. Spend some time with the Word that He wishes to speak to your heart and let it sink in to experience your own Resurrection Moments.

Sat, 04/07/2018 - 23:05
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