To the Sarajevan girl who reacted joyfully to the Pope's visit

To the Sarajevan girl who reacted joyfully to the Pope's visit

By Fr. Rif'at Bader

On this day, the intense heat did not stop you from leaving your home for the sports stadium in Sarajevo, with no intention to watch a decisive football match, but simply to take part in a massive Mass, most likely the largest Mass ever in the history of your country… a Mass presided over by the Pope of simplicity, of humility, and of the grand human forbearance: Francis.

You came, as your friends did, to the stands and the grounds of the stadium which were crowded with people most of whom are youngsters to whom the Pope said: “You are the generation of the future… the generation that emerged in the aftermath of the generation of war and destruction… you dance lively to the tunes of the Sarajevan ‘bell’ that infatuated the world with its harmonious tunes which were in tune with the voices of singers and sounds of musical instruments that filled the stadium, namely the church. You are also glittering joyfully to the words of the Pope in which he accentuated in his homily: No more wars.”

It is a reassuring message to the first generations emerging from generations of war and destruction in Sarajevo. It indicates that the days to come in Sarajevo as well as in Bosnia and Herzegovina will be much better than those experienced in the past decades. O joyful Sarajevan girl, this is what makes you joyful in reaction to the Pope’s visit because this visit is a message of reassurance for all future generations.

It is hoped that “Francis’ " message in Sarajevo will be conveyed to our tormented and suffering Orient.

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