Springtime and Sacrifice

Springtime and Sacrifice

Erin McNally

Faith is believing your favorite team will win the World Series. Faith is believing that everything will turn out right. And faith is believing that God sacrificed His Son so that we may be free of sin. If God sacrificed is own Son, can’t we sacrifice something too?

Lent prepares people for Easter through a time of repentance and fasting, and teens recognize this is a time for them to deepen their faith in the Lord.

“Lent is a time to sacrifice for God like Jesus did for us,” said Santa Margarita Catholic High School sophomore Alana Mayes.

Lent prepares Catholics’ body, mind, and soul for Jesus’ death and resurrection. It also prepares Catholics for a life that is filled with temptation and doubt.

“With all of the distractions in life, it is difficult to put God first, but with Lent it’s easier,” said Mayes. “It takes one if not more distractions away so that I have more time to spend with God and grow in my relationship with him.”

Lent, literally meaning springtime, associates well with the season as a time of new growth and renewal.

“It makes sense to be a period of preparation for new life in Jesus Christ’s Paschal Mystery,” said SMCHS religion teacher Michael Pascual.

Lent is not only a time of renewal, it is also a time of reflection to truly understand and see the Lord in everything.

“It’s a time to reflect, pray, give thanks, and prepare for Easter,” said SMCHS sophomore Elizabeth Sorenson.

Lent reminds teens of their faith commitment to the Lord and that they are called to participate in the mystery of Christ.

“It allows me to focus more on my relationship with God on a more intense and personal level, and I feel like it’s a time to be grateful and reflect on what he has given me and the things I should be more thankful,” said Sorenson.

Historically, teens have given up things like sweets, fast food, and social networking for Lent. Today, more and more teens don’t necessarily give up something but do something more, like eating better, becoming more organized, volunteering, and attending Mass regularly.

“For Lent, I am trying to communicate better with my parents,” said Mayes.

Lent is about you making a promise to yourself for God and making sacrifices for your faith.

“Making a sacrifice during Lent is a way of putting God first in our lives,” said sophomore Elliana Maggetti. “Giving up something small like chocolate represents a bigger picture of making ourselves better in a sense of how God wants us to be, including having our lives focus on Him.”

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