A summit conference by the immortal river

A summit conference by the immortal river

By Fr. Rifat Bader

We do thank the Almighty God for the grace of security and stability being enjoyed in our beloved Kingdom. The convening of an Arab summit is testament to the grace God has bestowed on our homeland. We do plead with the Almighty God to maintain this grace in our homeland and to restore it to the fraternal countries that have been suffering as a result of internal disputes and wars.

With Jordan chairing the sessions of the Arab summit, we pride ourselves in the leadership of His Majesty King Abdullah II Bin Al Hussein. We also pray that His Majesty the King and our beloved homeland will always be in the fore moving assiduously towards achieving what is best for our Arab society and humanity.

This summit is convened at a site not far from holy places, namely the Baptism Site, which is located on the bank of the immortal river overlooking the Holy Land of Palestine. We do hope that the distinguished Media Center will incorporate in its programmes, that cover the summit, the religious and archaeological treasures of Jordan, so that our guest journalists could stay in Jordan at the conclusion of the conference, have the opportunity to visit our holy places, and invite other people to visit this Holy Land.

It is no strange for Jordan to organize such great events. Government Spokesman His Excellency Dr. Mohammad Momani, said a few days ago in an interview on Ro’ya Television Channel: “We have great media and logistic experience in the field of media coverage as we had earlier received His Holiness Pope Francis. I would say that we did receive Pontiffs not only once, but four times over the past half a century, so we are proud to be ‘up to it’ in the preparation, management, excellence and success, with the grace of God.”

As for the agenda of the conference, we do not expect it of course to solve all the problems and complications with a magic wand, but it is imperative to say that its convening in Jordan has united the Arab ranks again, as well as restored to these conferences their merit, importance and role in cementing Arab solidarity and in reinforcing Arab cooperation in the service of humans and humanity.

This region has been inundated with the blood being shed daily over the past years. This is the prime time to stop this flow of blood, to direct all efforts towards the development of the Arab human being, and to provide the young people with the optimum conditions that enable them to pursue studies, to get employed, to be able to buy houses, as well as to enjoy conditions that enable them to excel. I hope that the final statement will stress the importance of interfaith dialogue and assiduously urge maintaining the sublime plurality in the Middle East region. It is also hoped that the Arab leaders and officials will exert efforts to preserve the Arab Christian identity and the distinguished Christian presence so as to preserve the genuine image of the region. It is not acceptable to turn a blind eye to the departure of Christians from this holy region. As it is important to preserve the holy places, there is a prime importance to protect human beings and ensure cooperation among those who worship God.

It is hoped that this Arab summit will be successful. As Jordan is capable of ensuring the necessary preparations for the conference, it is hoped that the Arab ranks and views will be united in order to find satisfactory, comprehensive and just solutions to the issues afflicting countries, such as Iraq, Syria, Libya and Yemen. We also call for restoring the centrality of the Palestinian issue. With the solution of this issue several issues worldwide will consequently be solved.

The guests of Jordan are most welcome.

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