Syria: Aleppo celebrates the Sacrament of Confirmation

Syria: Aleppo celebrates the Sacrament of Confirmation

Twenty-five boys and girls of the Latin Parish of Aleppo received the sacrament of Confirmation during a Mass celebrated in the church of St Francis of Assisi.

At a time marked by turmoil, a Mass has been celebrated in the Church of St Francis of Assisi in Aleppo as a sign of hope when 25 boys and girls received the Sacrament of Confirmation.

Presided over by Latin Bishop of Syria George Abou Khazen and concelebrated by the parish priest Friar Ibrahim Sabbagh, the Mass was very well attended, and coincided with the debut of the recently established children’s choir.

During the Mass part of the First Letter to the Corinthians was read, and the bishop drew on this in his homily.

Bishop George Abou Khazen said: “The sacrament of Confirmation is fundamental to human life. No one can say ‘Christ is my Lord,’ without being inspired by the Holy Spirit.’

Abou Khazen blessed all those who received the sacrament, one after the other, inviting them to accept the gifts of the Holy Spirit, which they received after having attended an intensive course. This involved deep meditation on the significance of this mystery, and the importance of the Holy Spirit in their Christian life.

During the Offertory, the children presented certain objects, reflecting their deepest hopes, at the altar, and among these was a small painting inscribed, ‘Peace for Syria.’

With the Eucharist and the traditional taking of photographs, this special event was brought to a conclusion.

Wed, 05/02/2018 - 11:25
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