Syria: Latin parish of Aleppo opens a new summer center for children

Syria: Latin parish of Aleppo opens a new summer center for children

“The Latin parish of Aleppo has opened a new summer center for children titled, "Growing Up With You."

"Growing Up With You" is the slogan chosen this year by the parish of St Francis of Assisi of Aleppo for the summer center. Some 350 young people will participate in several courses for two months. This includes singing, sports, arts and working languages.

Apostolic Vicar of Aleppo Fr. George Abu Khazen said: "Growing up with You." With Christ we grow and grow together, because we cannot grow in Christ if we do not grow together. We grow together if we grow in peace, accepting each other and if we can live out our human and Christian values.”

He added: “A theme - as pointed out in the press release - "born from the common desire of parents and of the Church that our children grow up from a human point of view and from the spiritual, like Jesus in the house of Nazareth," in age, wisdom and with the goodwill of God and other."

Director Executive of the summer camp Mike Hallaq said: “Our goal is to help youth grow, not only to bring them here and let them play. Of course we want to play, be happy, but at the same time they can do something that improves them. The project this year was extended to other parishes of other rites of the city: a commitment to the growth of these children as disciples of Christ. Focusing on the good of each and placed in a position to develop their skills is one of the primary objectives of this camp.”

Mon, 06/11/2018 - 11:31
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