There is a presence of Christ in the successors of Apostle Peter

There is a presence of Christ in the successors of Apostle Peter

The Acts of the Apostles tell that, when Peter passed by, the sick were placed in his shadow, and when he touched them, they were cured (Acts, Chapter 5, verse 5).

Whoever has made a pilgrimage to Rome has no doubt experienced an interior transformation after seeing the Pope: a youth was converted when he exchanged looks with Paul VI, who “seized” his heart . . . Another discovered his vocation after a call of Saint John Paul II. Yet another “repaired’ his soul after a trip to Rome . . . A mother, estranged from the Church of Rome, was transformed after hearing the goodness that emanated from Pope Benedict XVI during the procession of the Most Holy Sacrament … And there have been so many others who have been captivated by Pope Francis’ exhortations, of which they are witnesses!

There is a presence of Christ in the Successor of Peter. The encounter with him brings one closer to God and to others; it unifies and heals.

Humbly, as journalists, this is our objective: to take the voice of the Successor of Peter and his collaborators as far as possible, so that Peter’s shadow reaches the greatest possible number of people and fosters communion.

Fri, 07/07/2017 - 12:36
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