The Vatican reiterates its position on the unique status of Jerusalem

The Vatican reiterates its position on the unique status of Jerusalem

By Fr. Rif’at Bader

The Holy See, the Vatican, reiterated its position regarding the unique status of the Holy City, Jerusalem. This was reported in a statement issued on Sunday, December 10, by the Holy See Press Office and posted on the Catholic Center for Studies and Media in Jordan websites.

The Holy See stressed the essential need for respecting the status quo of Jerusalem, in conformity with the deliberations of the international community and the repeated requests of the hierarchies of the Churches and Christian communities of the Holy Land. It also reaffirmed its own conviction that only a negotiated solution between the Israelis and the Palestinians can bring a stable and lasting peace, and guarantee the peaceful coexistence of two states within internationally recognized borders.

The statement says that following the wave of violence that flared in the wake of US President Donald Trump declaration relevant to the decision to move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, the Holy See Press Office issued this statement to stress that the Holy See follows with great attention the developments of the situation in the Middle East, with special reference to Jerusalem, a sacred city for Christians, Jews and Muslims from all over the world.

The statement expressed the Holy Father’s sorrow for the clashes in recent days that have produced victims, where His Holiness renewed his appeal for the wisdom and prudence of everyone, at a time when he raises fervent prayers so that the leaders of nations, at this time of special gravity, commit themselves to avert a new spiral of violence, responding with words and deeds to the desires of peace, justice and security for the populations of that battered land.

The statement lauded the initiative launched by the Arab League and the Organization for Islamic Cooperation to hold two emergency meeting in view of the Holy See’s worries about the horizons of peace in the region.

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