The wisdom in handling world affairs

The wisdom in handling world affairs

By Fr. Rif’at Bader

In the Church liturgical rite, this prayer is frequently said: "O Lord, grant us the wisdom to know how to handle world affairs and a yearning for the Kingdom of God." Wisdom is the twin sister of perspicacity. This is one of the divine and human "virtues" implying the ability of the mind to make correct choices leading to solving problems.

The word “governance” in Arabic is closely related to wisdom, since wisdom is the cornerstone of governance.

In these days which our homeland and society went through, with their various branches of authority including the people, its security as well as its media outlets, it is incumbent to focus on the main virtues that we need. We, consequently, follow the virtue of patience and wait for what will prevail in the near and far future. As it is frequently said that patience is the inevitable clue for the attainment of objectives, it is actually inevitable because the desired change cannot come true overnight. It is a daily and arduous process.

In order to ascertain that we are in a ship that will not sink, at a time when we trust its skilled captain, we need confidence. Days have proven that we have a firm and an unwavering leadership. It is as hard as a rock and it can beat the gales. It is the Hashemite leadership which we give our absolute confidence so as to bring about sound and correct decisions that can rectify that path followed if proven to be deviant. This is not the first time that the Jordanian ship is exposed to quakes, storms and high waves. This ship cannot sink because it is taken care of by the Almighty God in the first place and the King who has sterling effort and political savvy to property steer the ship to safety.

Our society needs nowadays more than any other time to resort to dialogue. It is the noble virtue that the Almighty God has placed in mankind. It needs wisdom, wise men, and sagacity as well listening to the voice of reason. It implies giving priority of supreme interests over any personal, private or narrow interests. It also implies giving time to those who come at the helm of power, where in Arabic the word “government” is derived from “governing” while it is hoped that it is derived from the word “wisdom”.

Long live Jordan, the leader of Jordan, and the people of Jordan.

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