“Summer Camp” in Bethlehem

“Summer Camp” in Bethlehem


The Latin Parish of Bethlehem has organized a three-week summer camp for about 200 young people; its slogan: "Let's bring colors of joy to our life”

"Let's bring colors of joy to our life” is the slogan of the summer camp organized by the Latin Parish of Bethlehem for nearly 200 children of all ages who are participating in it. A young and at the same time formative journey to encourage these "small" Christians to be together and in this way consolidate social relationships in an atmosphere of joy and fraternity.

Summer Camp Spiritual Director Fr. Imad Kamel says, "Let's bring colors of joy to our life”. We chose St. Francis to guide these young people because he is the saint of joy who filled his heart and life with the presence of God. We tried to bring Saint Francis' presence in all our activities, as can be seen in those artistic activities that you just watched."

A human journey of friendship and simple and cheerful sharing, including the Dabkeh Palestinian traditional dance, different types of art, formation and faith activities inspired to the life of a few saints and their wisdom.

An educator Rosa Murra says: “First of all, we start with a morning meeting for the kids. Our slogan as well as all our activities, including the theater plays: every single project is related to St. Francis, to his life and the way he helped the poor. We encourage the children to learn about St. Francis' life.”

Katia Zakharia, a camp participant says: “St. Francis is the saint of joy and peace. He loved everyone: he loved people, animals and all creation. St. Claire became holy and followed St. Francis when she decided to say 'yes' to Jesus.”

A unique "experience" that of the summer camps where these young Christians can discover themselves, refine their talents, acquire new knowledge, build friendships and especially have fun together.

Wed, 07/12/2017 - 14:47
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