Book on Jordan’s interfaith drive launched

The Jordan Times’ reporter Rula Samain speaks during the launch of her book "Fortress of Peace"

Book on Jordan’s interfaith drive launched

By Sawsan Tabazah/ The Jordan Times

The Jordan Times’ reporter Rula Samain on Monday, May 8, launched her book “Fortress of Peace — Jordan’s Interfaith Drive and Model of Coexistence”, which documents the Kingdom’s interfaith drive.

“My intention is to present my country through this book … to present the true picture of our community and our country to the world,” Samain said during the launch.

“As a journalist, I did not focus mainly on the bright side. Rather, I left it to my sources to talk freely, to consider the book as a platform for healthy dialogue and sincere advice, to highlight the weak points and provide solutions in order for this dialogue to continue and be built upon for the benefit of all,” the author continued.

The book focuses on Jordan as an exemplary model of peace, interfaith harmony, tolerance and dialogue, Samain told The Jordan Times in a recent interview.

The book is divided into five sections: the Hashemites’ philosophy of religious coexistence since the Great Arab Revolt, Jordan’s initiatives in interfaith dialogue, the Amman Message and its accomplishments, “A Common Word” and “The World Interfaith Harmony Week”.

Key religious, political and academic figures attended the launch ceremony.

Among them was former minister and academic Kamel Abu Jaber, who said that, under the guidance of the Hashemites, Jordan had become a successful state by all standards following the collapse of the Ottoman Empire.

“The Ottoman Empire started an era with only one faith: Islam, and ended after 400 years in 1917 with 18 faiths, which the Jordanian system’s constitution preserved by law and customs”, Abu Jaber added.

Father Rifat Bader, the director of the Catholic Centre for Studies, said that the book conveys a religious message in its essence.

The book “states that Jordan is a pioneer in two directions. The first direction is internal, as it focuses on the unity of the Jordanian family despite the fact that there could be differences, rather than disputes, on ethnic or religious grounds. The second direction is a message addressed to the world outside Jordan, which indicates that religious harmony is possible,” Bader said.

Senator Haifa Najjar said the wisdom of the Jordanian leadership and the awareness of Jordanians have protected the Kingdom from the conflicts engulfing the region.

The book chronicles “Jordan’s global stances in support of humanity and justice, not only with regard to Palestine, Iraq and Syria, but also to other countries, which stands as testimony to its proactive and humane beliefs,” Najjar said.

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