"Christmas is a time to stand before God"

"Christmas is a time to stand before God"

By Patriarch Michelle Sabah

Following is the spiritual message delivered by our beloved Patriarch Michelle Sabah marking Advent and the celebrations marking the birth of the King of the World, the Saviour, and the Light of the World Lord Jesus Christ:

Christmas is a time to stand before God.

And appearing before God, they claim to be in front of us, and we are worthy of ourselves, and be worthy of God, in front of his holiness, to be saints as holy, loving, loving and strong. Love him.

We hold ourselves in our relations with our brothers to carry them and fill them with love, and to remove their selfish selfishness to ourselves and to attack some of our brothers.

This is Christmas. Every year and everyone on Eid, I appear before God, in front of his majesty and his holiness, and in fullness of his light and his love and strength, and in the appearance of our actions to hold us accountable and purify all our relations with Our brothers.

Every year and all in this blessing and in this meaning for the feast.

Patriarch Michelle Sabah

Tue, 12/05/2017 - 10:40
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