Conference calls for enhancing religious tourism in Bani Kinana

Conference calls for enhancing religious tourism in Bani Kinana

The first Bani Kinana conference convened on Monday, December 4, under the patronage of former minister of public works and housing Mohammad Obeidat and called for enhancing religion tourism in Bani Kinana where there are several historical sites.

During the sessions, several working papers were presented. Director of Bani Kinana Tourism Department Masha’el Khasawneh presented a paper on “Tourism in Bani Kinana”, while Director of the Catholic Center for Studies and Media in Jordan Fr. Rif’at Bader presented a working paper titled, “Christian Tourism and Common Living in Bani Kinana in particular and Jordan in General”. Dr. Hani Obeidat presented another paper on “Christian Religious Sites in Bani Kinana”.

During the sessions, Dr. Mohammad Obeidat said that Jordan has unique characteristics with regards to tourism in terms of diversity of touristic sites, climate, and terrain as well the security and stability it enjoys. He added that these elements enabled Jordan to occupy a distinguished position on the map of tourism worldwide, created tourism awareness, provided job opportunities, and encouraged domestic tourism.

The recommendations called for conducting several cultural and media activities to bring to light to the historical, economic and archaeological values of the touristic sites in Bani Kinana. The recommendations also called on the Vatican to consider the city of Jidara as a site for Christian pilgrimage in Jordan. It also called for the renovation of Jesus Christ’s Cave in Jidara as well as boosting the Jordanian Arab culture and identity.

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