Jesus is risen

Jesus is risen

By Patriarch Emeritus Michel Sabbah

Following is the weekly reflection of Patriarch Emeritus Michel Sabbah for Sunday April 16-April 22, 2017:

Sunday 16 April 2017

Christ is risen! He is risen indeed.

Easter wishes are wishes of resurrection for all peoples of the world, for our region, Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, and all Arab countries demolished by wars. May Easter bring us all peace and justice! May we all become aware of our dignity and of our power to live and love! May our land have peace! May Jordan remain in its stability, stronger than the threatening death all around it! May Palestine and Israel, have peace, freedom, dignity and love. May we see the end of the occupation, the fall of physical walls on the ground as well as the walls in the hearts, and may there be equality for all human beings.

Christ is risen, He is risen indeed. May Easter bring a new light to all, and may each one of us become aware that as Jesus triumphed over death, all of us have the same power from now on. He won and gave every human being the same power over sin and all kinds of death. We are able to live the life of the spirit with God and with all brothers and sisters.

God created this land to be holy and a place of life. No one has the right to keep it a land of death.

Monday 17.4.2017

Easter, the glory of the Resurrection

"Since you have been raised up to be with Christ, you must look for the things that are above" (Col 3: 1), says Saint Paul.

"You have been raised up to be with Christ", therefore liberate yourself from all bonds of the Earth.
Everything on Earth, things and persons, should be a way towards God. Do not let anything become a bond or an obstacle on your way to God. When you ask for dignity, justice and peace, let all that be a way towards life.

"Look for the things that are above". As you strive on Earth, look up to see Heaven. As you walk with your brothers and sisters look up to see God. When you see God, you will be transformed; your way of dealing with things or persons with whom you walk will change. When you see God, you will see everything and everyone in the new light of God. Everything and everyone will become with you a cooperator to build heaven on Earth.

Heaven in others depends from Heaven in you. The power to see in others depends from your own power to see. The one who has the power to see Heaven is the only one who can see the earth and possess it, and take away death from it.

Tuesday 18.4.2017

Easter, the glory of the Resurrection!

Resurrection is joy and freedom. It is the power of the spirit in us.
Jesus Christ, Redeemer, is risen to restitute to humanity its original life linked with God and eternity. Christ is risen to open to humanity new horizons of life. Jesus said one day: "We should enter through the narrow door, the door that purifies from all weaknesses and all obstacles in our journey towards God." The narrow door, once entered, once the soul is purified and death is conquered, becomes a large door of life, and the human beings can see new horizons joining Earth and eternity. It makes man even stronger than death and evil.

Once the believers enter the narrow door and purify themselves, they perceive the true reality of death itself, as a perfection of life, a presence before God and contemplation of his eternal beauty.

Wednesday 19.4.2017

Easter, the glory of the Resurrection!

Resurrection is a source of hope to all the strong in the world.

To the strong and oppressors in the world, the Resurrection says that one can be strong with the power of the spirit, with the power of love which is inscribed in oneself instead of the power of tyranny.

The message of the Resurrection asks the strong of Earth to open their eyes and to see that the true power does not consist of imposing death whatever justifications are given. The true power is to give one's life for those whom we love. All people and all human society are to be loved. Unfortunately our society is not so; it is made of people who fight and kill. They kill because they say that some must die so that others live.
The real strong of the Earth are those who care for the good of all. Real strong people do not kill one in order for the other to live, as it happens in Israel and Palestine. The real strong people see that the situation in Israel and Palestine is not a normal one. It even contradicts human nature.

Our land and the strong in it are in urgent need of a new light, a new vision, which the Resurrection has brought to the world.

And the Resurrection happened here in our land.

Thursday 20.4.2017

Easter, the glory of the Resurrection!

The Resurrection reminds of the cross, the only way to the Resurrection.

Sufferings are the way towards a renewed life.

Sufferings may be transformed into a power of redemption. After the resurrection, the human being inherited this transforming power to make suffering a way to a new birth.

The Cross is part of the life of every human being. Sufferings are caused by oneself or they come from ones' brothers and sisters. From now on, every Cross, every suffering is linked with the Cross on the Calvary. It has the same power of Redemption and Resurrection. The Cross is the narrow door which leads to life. It is the point on the horizon where Heaven and Earth meet.

With the Resurrection, the abundant life opens up before the human beings. They then know themselves as the image of God, part of the glory of God, and partners in the glory of the Resurrection.

Friday 21.4.2017

Easter, the glory of the Resurrection!

With the power of the Resurrection, and because the Cross is the way to it, you can bear your responsibilities towards yourself and society amidst all difficulties. You can take your place and contribute to the common good without oppressing, harming anyone or fearing anyone.

The Resurrection is a guide to the governors of this Earth. It is a powerful light overflowing them if only they want to see. With it, they will see God and seeing God they will see who the human being is; they will see the glory of God in all people they govern. They will see that the aim of governing is realizing the glory of humans and their dignity on Earth, to enable them to live the true life and to make life a way to Heaven.

To the governors on this Earth, the Resurrection is an invitation to pass through the narrow door of self-purification from corruption or tyranny. Through self-purification they will learn to be loyal to the people. They will procure only life, abundant with freedom and dignity, the freedom that is not a source of fear or struggles but the freedom which will lead all to the their own perfection on earth, waiting for Heaven to replace the struggles of Earth.

Saturday 22.4.2017

Easter, the glory of the Resurrection!

The Resurrection is overflowing light, and the power to see.

In the darkness of our times, darkness full of blood caused by interests and egoism, both individual and national, our Earth needs the new light of the Resurrection. We live at a time when we do not see the end of our oppression. We cry with the blind man of Jericho: Lord, grant us to see. Lord, grant us to see the end of death and injustices in our land. It is the land of your Resurrection. Lord, grant our governors and oppressors the power to see. When they will be able to see, there will be life for them and for us. As long as they do not see, it is death for them and for us.

The Resurrection was real. Death was defeated. But our land and our region are still submitted to death. Saint Paul says: "Death is swallowed up in victory. Death, where is your victory? Death, where is your sting?" (1 Cor 15: 55).

Nevertheless our land and our region are still submitted to death.

What happened on the Calvary and in the tomb nearby happened for all the Earth. All governors of the Earth can know the light of the Resurrection. All Israelis and Palestinians can rise from our present death, find life, and change death into life, into security, peace, justice, and equality.

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