Religious Congregations discuss the issue of water in Jordan

Religious Congregations discuss the issue of water in Jordan

The religious congregations in Jordan convened on Monday, October 30, in order to review the current reality relevant to water, to the Christian view towards this "gift", and to the means to raise the next generations, particularly school students, on the need to use water economically in view of the current situation, where Jordan is considered the second poorest country in the world with regards to water.

Project coordinator Jumana Ayed said that this is the first time that a religious congregation convenes with a large number of participants to discuss the important issue of water. She also talked about the booklet prepared by a group of priests in Jordan titled, “A Christian Perspective on Water” which will shortly be launched following the book that was issued last year on “the Islamic Perspective” which is relevant to the same issue.

Member of the committee, Fr. Rif’at Bader, delivered a lecture on the current reality of water, accompanied by images and figures approved by the Ministry of Water and Irrigation. The most important part of the lecture was talking about water in the Holy Bible (the New and Old Testament), as well as the theological studies, and the ritual uses of water especially in baptism.

Fr. Bader also talked about the important documents issued by the Church about the environment and water, especially Pope Francis’ document “Laudato si” which was issued two years ago and became the first papal document that addresses the environment as a common home of humanity. He also talked about the documents issued by the other Churches and the statement issued jointly them.

A discussion ensued, with the participation of mother superiors, on means to rationalize water consumption. A proposal was floated on the need to launch environmental committees in schools and to hold competitions to enrich student knowledge about water and its importance.

The conference was held in cooperation with German Agency for International Cooperation or (GIZ) and the Ministry of Water and Irrigation.

Tue, 10/31/2017 - 13:43
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