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By Fr. Rif’at Bader
: “The Dialogue for Peace” Conference, which has recently convened in Vienna by King Abdullah Ben...More
By Andrea Tornielli/ lastampa.it
: Interview with Alexander Avdeev, diplomatic representative to the Holy See: relations between the Churches and shared initiatives. Looking at the upcoming elections due on 18 March and the Kremlin’s doubts about the Salisbury attack. ***** Relations between Russia and the Holy See developed in an unthinkable way just in recent years. A dialogue...More
By Sr Bernadette Mary Reis, fsp/ vaticannews.va
: Pope Francis chose three words from the biblical texts proclaimed during Saturday’s liturgy and expanded on them in his homily. These words are: prayer, littleness, and wisdom. Prayer The Gospel text from Matthew 11:25 presents Jesus praying. “I praise you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth.” Pope Francis describes his prayer as one that flowed...More
: Chinese artists have built an elaborate church made from snow on a ski slope in Norway as part of a cultural exchange aimed at attracting more tourists from the world’s most populous nation to the Scandinavian country. The 14-meter-high, 11-meter-wide sculpture has been carved into the side of a slope next to the village of Beitostolen in Oppland...More
By Liam Finn/ indcatholicnews.com
: Thousands of parishioners and pupils have joined a campaign to provide renewable energy to people without access to electricity. More than 30,000 people have written to the World Bank as part of CAFOD's 'Power to be' campaign, urging the Bank to move the money it spends on polluting fossil fuels towards providing renewable electricity in poor...More
By Saher Kawas/ lpj.org
: In a world region where the sun shines for more than 320 days per year, installing solar photovoltaic panels comes as a very logical method for generating clean electricity. In Palestine, the Latin Patriarchate has installed a Photovoltaic System in its schools in five cities; Ramallah, Birzeit, Aboud, Beit Jala, Gaza and currently underway in...More


"The 'Our Father' is the best preparation to receive Jesus," says Pope

By Deborah Castellano/ zenit.org
: The “Our Father” is the prayer for the children of God, Pope Francis reminds, noting: “It’s the best way to prepare ourselves to receive Jesus in Communion.” The General Audience was held in St. Peter’s Square, on March 14, 2018, the day after the fifth anniversary of Francis’ pontificate. During his catechesis, he spoke of the Mass’ Communion Rites and, specifically, of the “Our Father” prayer. The Holy Father pointed out that, in this prayer to the Lord, we ask Him for “our daily bread,” with particular reference to the “Eucharistic Bread that we need to live as children of God,” and we implore Him to “forgive us our trespasses, and we commit ourselves, at the same time, to forgive those who have trespassed against us.” “Thus, opening ourselves to God’s forgiveness, we dispose ourselves...

Arab World

Christian activists say militias target religious minorities in Syria

By Dale Gavlak/Catholic News Service
: Jihadists allied with Turkey are hunting down religious minorities to kill them in Syria’s northwest, Christian activists warn, as Turkey and its allies have encircled the Kurdish-held town of Afrin and are relentlessly pushing through. Turkey is using hardline jihadist proxies, including Islamic State and al-Qaida militants, to eliminate the presence of Kurds and other ethnic and religious minorities along its border, the activists said. “The situation is dire. They feel desperate. They are crying out to God every hour,” humanitarian Charmaine Hedding told Catholic News Service. Hedding directs the Shai Fund, a Christian aid organization that provides humanitarian supplies to Afrin’s citizens. “The jihadist militants consider Yezidis ‘infidels,’ while there have been announcements made...

Holy Land

ACO condemns insults aimed at Christian faith

: The Association of Christians of the Orient (ACO) in Jordan has noted that an academic of one of the prestigious Jordanian universities sought to deal a blow to the national unity that binds Jordanian Muslims and Christians by posting videos of his lectures on social networking sites titled, "Comparative Religions". A relevant statement issued by the ACO, a copy of which was delivered to en.abouna.org site, said that the style adopted by the academic reflected a cynical and a humiliating attitude towards the Holy Bible, which billions of people in the world believe in, including a segment of the population in this country. It added that this academic had to adopt a neutral position and focus on what associates the monotheistic religions whose aim is attaining the prosperity of humanity as...