Our Word

By Fr. Rifat Bader
: I do visit the Site of Prophet Elijah from time to time in a region located in northern Ajloun. I...More

Latin Patriarchate

By Lydia O’Kane/ Vatican radio
: Pope Francis on Sunday afternoon, February 19, made a visit to the parish of Maria Josefa of the Heart of Jesus in the suburbs of Rome. During Mass, he...More
: In Germany, where the Protestant Reformation began 500 years ago, the Protestant and Catholic Churches are making a show of unity. One in five German...More
: Following the Joint Catholic and Lutheran Commemoration of the Reformation in Lund, Sweden, presided by Pope Francis, Bishop Munib Younan and Rev. Martin Junge...More
: Radio Maria (formally known as the World Family of Radio Maria) is the World Family of Radio Maria. It was formed in 1998, mainly based on the Our Lady of...More


Muslim refugee hails Pope Francis as the example of religion

By Hannah Brockhaus/EWTN News/CNA
: Nur Essa, a Muslim Syrian woman whose family was brought to Rome from Lesbos by Pope Francis last April, said that the openness he has shown to those of different faiths has deeply impressed her. “For me, I was surprised,” she told EWTN NEWS. “(He...

Arab World

'The depletion of Aleppo Christian population has set alarm bells ringing'

By John Pontifex/catholicherald.co.uk/
: The number of faithful in Syria’s ancient city has fallen from 250,000 to 30,000. Now the war is over, how many of those can be persuaded to stay? Standing in the square and closing my eyes tight shut, I could just about imagine what it must have been like in...

Holy Land

Lutheran Bishop Munib Younan awarded Niwano Peace Prize

: The Lutheran Bishop for Jordan and the Holy Land, Munib Younan, is the winner of the 34th Niwano Peace Prize. The prize is awarded for his perseverance and compassion in encouraging dialogue between faith groups in the Holy Land. His...