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Published on Sunday, 15 November 2020

The World Day of the Poor: “Stretch forth your hand to the poor”

By Munir Bayouk/ :

The World Day of the Poor is marked on Sunday, November 15, 2020.


On this day, the first thing to remember is what Lord Jesus Christ referred to the poor saying: “Blessed are you who are poor, for yours is the Kingdom of God."


On this day, it is important to care for the poor with outstretched hands in a spirit of charity and solidarity. Going back in history to November 20, 2016, it is the day His Holiness  Pope Francis established the World Day of the Poor in his Apostolic Letter, Misericordia et Misera, which was themed: “Stretch forth your hand to the poor.”


On the World Day of the Poor, Pope Francis had said: “If we want to help change history, we need to hear the cry of the poor and commit ourselves to ending their marginalization. We cannot remain passive. Blessed are the hands that reach beyond every barrier of culture, religion, and nationality, and pour the balm of consolation over the wounds of humanity.  Blessed are the open hands that ask nothing in exchange, with no 'ifs' or 'buts' or “maybes.” They are hands that call down God’s blessing upon their brothers and sisters."


We cannot remain passive as we are blessed with faithful people who follow Lord Jesus Christ love and care for the poor.


This day reminds us that there is a need to show compassion for the poor and to be ready to alleviate the suffering of the needy.


The Holy Bible says, "You must each decide in your heart how much to give. And don’t give reluctantly or in response to pressure, for God loves a person who gives cheerfully.” (2Corinthians 9:7)




As Catholics, on this day, we are called upon to consider the suffering of our brothers and sisters, there is a dire need by governments to reflect on this day by striving to launch projects aimed at the eradication of poverty.


It is important to consider in the first place, on this day, that the attainment of equality and fair distribution of wealth in various societies is necessary so that all segments of society can benefit from the countries' resources and enjoy a dignified life.


It is also important to remember that caring for the poor is not confined only to this day, but it has to take place throughout all the days, as this day merely rings a bell that helping the poor and the needy is to be rejuvenated all the time.


With societies lacking social justice that gives equal opportunities enabling people to make use of their faculties in the field of work, poverty will definitely be rampant. There is an exigent need for social reforms that can help people enjoy equal opportunities involving job opportunities, supporting charity organizations, and launching productive jobs that help diminish unemployment.




On the other hand, Caritas Jordan has all the time worked tirelessly to fulfill its love message to the poor and the needy through the good work of groups and individuals by offering medical and humanitarian services. Its message is stipulated in serving and developing humans without distinctions in race, color, gender or religion.


It has all the time been conveying invaluable services by assisting the poor and the needy, providing primary medical services to mothers and children, assisting refugees and displaced in addition to victims of wars and disasters, working with governmental and voluntary corporations to achieve the desired goals.


May the daily and non-stop services provided by Caritas Jordan to the poor serve a clear message that helping the poor is a message based on the first place on love. With love everything is possible.


Lord Jesus Christ said, "A new command I give you: "Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.  By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” (John 13:34-35)