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Published on Saturday, 17 October 2020
October 18: Pray the Holy Rosary for world unity, peace

By Munir Bayouk/ :

Aid To The Church in Need (ACN) has once again invited parishes, nurseries, schools, and families to participate in the initiative “One Million Children Praying the Rosary” on October 18 and 19. The focus of the prayer campaign is worldwide unity and peace.


Over the years, the world has been moving from one crisis to another and from war to another because there has been a trend to consider mundane luxuries as a prime concern at the expense of drawing close to the Lord and to seek His teachings according to the Holy Bible which call for enrooting peace, love, charity and common living.


This year 2020 has been characterized with wars, violence, poverty, and on top of fall the spread of COVID-19 pandemic which seems to be impregnable in the face of the so-far man-made vaccines. This virus has brought crises to the entire world leading to the death of hundreds of thousands of people as well as causing economic and social devastation worldwide.


 Our world has changed a lot and what was taken for granted until now will no longer be at a time when healthcare becomes of prime importance despite the economic fall-down that has afflicted world countries.


Man-made vaccines have not so far proven ineffective in crippling the pandemic and in restoring good health to those falling ill. The time has always been available for looking for the most effective way to counter the pandemic and to bring about world peace.


The trustworthy panacea to all global afflictions is Blessed Mary, the Mother of the Church and of the Savior of the entire world.




Blessed Mary is the Mother of the entire humanity. She is the Heavenly Mother who cares for every creature on Earth.


Pope, Saint John Paul II, made an interesting analysis of our devotion to our Heavenly Mother. He wrote, “It can be said that by asking the beloved disciple to treat Blessed Mary as his mother, Jesus founded Marian devotion. Christ gave His Mother to humanity through the Apostle John. In the new spiritual motherhood, Mary embraces each and everyone in the Church and through the Church."


As we recite our rosaries we constantly repeat: “Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners.” This humble prayer makes us ardently desire salvation and gradually opens our hearts to the light of the Holy Spirit. It is also an imploration to Blessed Mary to be our shield in the face of illness and misery. The more our life becomes focused on prayer, the more we feel the need to rely on the Virgin Mary’s intercession for She is the refuge for all of her children.




Marking the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary on October 7, 2020 Pope Francis urged Catholics to pray the Marian prayer, especially amid the “looming threats to the world”, such as the pandemic.


Speaking about the Marian prayer he said, “In Her apparitions, Our Lady often exhorted the recitation of the rosary, especially in the face of looming threats to the world. Even today, in this time of the pandemic, it is necessary to hold the rosary in our hands and pray for us, our loved ones and all people,” he said.


When over one million children asked for the same thing at the same time, namely "We want peace", what will happen? This is a passionate appeal which will definitely come true.


Children may join together in prayer on Sunday, October 18 from their parishes or homes, and Monday, October 19 from school.


This is a passionate cri de coeur: "Let us join the millions of children who will pray Rosary on October 18 and 19 with firm determination that such prayers will change the face of the entire world.