Thank you Fr. Carlo

Thank you Fr. Carlo

By Fr. Rif'at Bader

It is important to convey affection to Fr. Carlo Mazzotta after having assiduously dedicated 16 years of his life. Fr. Carol is an Australian national. He was ordained priest in Rome on June 2, 1985 by Pope John Paul II. He holds a bachelor's degree in theology and a diploma in philosophy. He served in the parishes of Ireland, Britain, the Philippines and India. In 2002, he served as director of St. Joseph Monastery in New Zarqa in 2002.

The parishioners of New Zarqa bid him farewell on Sunday June 10 with expressions of affection and gratitude. In our turn, we say to him: Thank you for your devotion, affection and serenity. Over the past 16 years, your serenity was greatly expressed. You have been a serene priest, like Saint Joseph, whose name the Zarqa school bears.

You have always been keen to attend all the church and social functionaries without delay. You have also been always keen to meet with the priests and the people who loved you.

Today, you embark on another mission in another country. Yet, we are sure that you will keep Jordan in your heart and in your prayers. We the priests and the people of Jordan convey to you affection, appreciation and gratitude. Your presence with us taught us to resort to simplicity, humility and serenity as well as to work with great affection and dedication.

May God bless you Father Carlo and always meet with the daily prayer.

Best wishes to you, Fr. Carlo, and let us meet every day through our reciprocated prayers.

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