A tribute to the Catholic Center for Studies and Media

A tribute to the Catholic Center for Studies and Media

By Rula Samain*

Our Society prides itself with the countless achievements of its own people and civil society institutions. Among the many is the Catholic Centre for Studies and Media (CCSM) and its contribution of ‘abouna.org’ site both in Arabic and English languages.

It started when men of God decided to step forward and light the path for others and fulfill a purpose with passion and power to serve humanity, thus its establishment in 2012 as a nonprofit organisation with the purpose of enhancing knowledge and promoting peace.

From my personal experience as a writer who has participated on several occasions to”abouna.org”, I started to appreciate the high level of freedom in writing, which as a result, reflects the trust and respect for both writers and readers at the same time.

Every time we read about God our lives are blessed, and every time we read on social matters and personal experiences our minds are fed, such are the gifts we receive having this site at hand.

Father Rifat, Eva, Munir, Rania, Osama and probably two more whom I have not met yet, are but a loving family of small group of people working hard and perseveringly to provide the best for the readers and the society.

I am writing these lines to give gratitude to 'abouna.org" for serving the Jordanian society and certainly, many will agree with me, that in the few years since its establishment, the site has succeeded beyond the borders of the Kingdom in providing the best quality of material read to those seeking knowledge and accurate news. Thank you abouna.org

*Rula Samain is a journalist, and the author of the book: "Fortress of Peace: Jordan's Interfaith Drive and Model of Coexistence"

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