Issued by the Catholic Center for Studies and Media - Jordan. Editor-in-chief Fr. Rif'at Bader - موقع أبونا

Published on Thursday, 12 August 2021

Lebanon: Caritas Jordan medical assistance invites humanitarian organizations worldwide to follow suit

By Munir Bayouk/ :

Caritas is a German word which means "love". This is corroborated in its active roles in various part of the world and represented in its  assiduous activities which embody humanitarian missions that reflect the message of love and mercy as mentioned in the Holy Bible and that go in line with the noble and sublime teachings of Lord Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace and Mercy. The message of Caritas worldwide has all the time been to disseminate love in the form of giving a helping hand to the needy at times of distress, which includes medicine, food and shelter among others.


On August 9, reports indicated that, in the presence of Maronite priest Fr. Joseph Swede and Caritas Jordan Director Wa'el Suleiman, Caritas Jordan has sent a shipment of medicines to Caritas Lebanon in the hope of alleviating the suffering of the ill. Though the shipment will not solve Lebanon's chronic problem, represented in Lebanon's failure to meet the people's urgent need for medicine, yet it serves as a sign of support, mercy, and compassion.


This attitude expressed by Caritas Jordan is worthy gratitude and appreciation as it represents support for the needy brethren in Lebanon and the ill who lost hope in life and fret while looking for suitable medications that heal their ailments and provide them with the panacea that restores to them good health. Despite the fact that the shortage of medications in Lebanon is very serious, yet one should realize that those who trust Lord Jesus will be healed regardless of the shortages of medicines. The miracles conducted by Lord Jesus, as mentioned in the Holy Bible as well as  those taking place at this time, are innumerable since His mercy has no boundaries and His care for the needy who seek His help is ineffable.


Caritas Jordan, active since 1967, has made exorbitant humanitarian activities over the past years. It is worthy to note that one of its major activities is that it provided JD10,000 to the Ministry of Health in support of the Jordanian government's efforts to eliminate the Coronavirus pandemic.


Furthermore, it is important to note that on the occasion of Jordan’s 73rd Independence Day, His Majesty King Abdullah II bestowed the Order of Al Istiqlal (Independence) of the first degree on Caritas Jordan, in appreciation for its unstinting charity work and community service in the healthcare, education, youth, and productive sectors over the past 50 years, as well as in appreciation of its efforts to provide shelter for the forcibly displaced and refugees from Iraq and Syria. Moreover, Caritas Jordan won the 2014 Caritas Award in Lucerne which confirms its high-standard performance represented in providing services to the forcibly displaced, the homeless and the needy people at all times particularly at times of war.


The role played by Caritas Jordan over the past years has been pivotal and vital as it provided all kinds of humanitarian services to needy Jordanians as well as refugees who lost all hope in life, where what Caritas Jordan is doing it is not called assistance but rather acts confirming humans’ legitimate rights of living in peace and harmony regardless of their race, color, gender or religion.


It is important to point out that shipment of medicines donated by Caritas Jordan to Lebanon rings a bell to all humanitarian organizations worldwide that such a step needs to be emulated so as to help extricate Lebanon from the imbroglio in which it s embroiled. Furthermore, it indicates that Caritas Jordan's help crosses the borders and reaches the needy wherever they are depending on the available resources.


Caritas Jordan: Thank you for this humanitarian gesture which exudes love, peace, harmony, and common living at a time when Lebanon is pummeled by multiple crises including an economic meltdown, mass unemployment, a fresh wave of coronavirus infections, as well as a shortages of fuel and electricity.