Issued by the Catholic Center for Studies and Media - Jordan. Editor-in-chief Fr. Rif'at Bader - موقع أبونا

Published on Monday, 22 March 2021

Mother's Day: Feast of Blessed Mary, Mother of the Church

By Munir Bayouk/ :

March 21 marks the start of spring where nature restores its lively activities, weather becomes warmer than before, flowers blossom, and life becomes rosier.


On this day, people mark Mother's Day. It is a day in which people pay tribute to their mothers and express appreciation for the efforts they exerted in bringing up their children who became men and women striving day and night to support their families and to work for the betterment of their societies. On this day, it is important to remember the key role that our mothers play in our lives. Mothers are a constant source of inspiration to their children. They create happy homes for all and give their children the tools to live faith in a perfect way.


Yet, it is neither to be forgotten nor denied that whatever sacrifices these mothers do on earth, they cannot be compared to the sacrifice of the Divine Mother, namely Blessed Mother or Rather Mother of the Church.


Unlike all women, Angel Gabriel addressed Blessed Mary saying, “You are honored very much. You are a favored woman. The Lord is with You. You are chosen from among many women.” He added, “The Holy Spirit will come on You, and God’s power will rest on You.” The angel told Blessed Mary that 'She would have a Son, whom She was to name Jesus and He would be great and would be called the Son of the Most High God."


On Mother's Day, we remember with gratitude and love Blessed Mary whom the Almighty God chose to give birth to a wonderful Son, namely Savior Jesus who came to our planet in a human nature to save humanity from the sins whose shackles chain people.

On Mother's Day we stress that our mother blessed Mary, has a unique place in life. She is the Mother of Lord Jesus, born without sin, and yet still one of us. She is our Mother as well.  She demonstrated the important role a mother plays in her child’s life, at a time when Her Child is the Savior of humanity.

Pope Francis had earlier decreed that the ancient devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary, under the title of Mother of the Church, is inserted into the Roman calendar. The liturgical celebration, Mariæ Virginis, Ecclesiæ Matris, will be celebrated annually as a Memorial on the day after Pentecost.


Blessed Mary… You are our dearest Mother to whom we pray seeking Your grace, love, and mercy.


Blessed Mary, on Mother's Day we remember you with reverence. Yet, this is not the only time we remember You. We remember You and address all days when we hold the rosary and pray "Hail Mary…"


Blessed Mary: Have mercy on humanity.


On this day, as we mark Mother's Day, we pray to the Mother of Humanity, Blessed Mary, saying:

Blessed Mary, on this day when we honor all mothers, we turn to You. We thank the Lord whom you serve for the great gift of motherhood. Never has it been known that anyone who sought your intercession was left unaided by grace. Intercede for all of our mothers. Ask your Divine Son to give them the grace of surrendered love so that they could join with you in giving their own fiat. Amen