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Published on Wednesday, 29 November 2023
Advent with the Custody of the Holy Land: The preparations for Christmas
“Inside the Nativity scene” and “PodLectio. Meditations from the Holy Land” :

For Advent, the time when we wait and prepare for the Nativity of Our Lord Jesus, the Custody of the Holy Land, through its channels, is offering two important initiatives to accompany the faithful on the path towards Christmas.


“Inside the Nativity scene”


To commemorate the 800th anniversary of the Nativity scene in Greccio – the result of the creativity of St. Francis of Assisi who set it up for the first time in Greccio in 1223 – the Custody presents the initiative “Inside the Nativity scene” in ten different reels, posted on the Custody’s social media.


Through short videos, ten friars from the Custody, from different communities in the Holy Land, will share a reflection on a character or situation of the Nativity scene.


The traditional Christmas crib, famous all over the world, proposes the representation of the birth of Jesus with elements that have now become fundamental and indispensable: the grotto, the star, the shepherds, the Holy Family, the angels, the three Magi...Each time,  the friars, from the Land where the Son of God came into the world, will help throw light on a particular aspect of these elements which make up the sacred representation.


The first appointment is for Saturday 2 December, after the first vespers which liturgically mark the start of Advent: the Custos of the Holy Land, Fr. Francesco Patton, will start the series with his reflection on the “comet”, the star of Bethlehem.


Each week three episodes will follow on the social media pages of the Custody, to walk together in this important period of the liturgical year.


PodLectio. Meditations from the Holy Land, in Italian and in Spanish


After the success during Lent, the friars of the Custody of the Holy Land will once again share their reflections on the Gospel during the days of Advent with “PodLectio. Meditations from the Holy Land.”


The initiative of the Custody will also be enriched by the version in Spanish as well as that in Italian.


A daily meditation from the places of the Redemption


PodLectio aims to offer a daily meditation directly from the places of the Redemption, especially in these difficult times for the Holy Land. The initiative focuses attention on the spiritual meaning of Christmas, remembering all those who are suffering and in difficulty, in an incessant invocation for a just and lasting peace.


Throughout the whole of the Advent period, the Franciscans guide the meditation on the Gospel of the day, as an aid at the time when the Church is calling its children to keep vigil to welcome the Son of God who is coming to live in our midst.


The first appointment is on Sunday, December 3, when the Custos of the Holy Land, Fr. Francesco Patton will start the series of PodLectio. This will be followed, every morning, on the social media of the Custody (FacebookInstagramX), when the links to the daily meditation will be posed to accompany us on the path towards Christmas.