Issued by the Catholic Center for Studies and Media - Jordan. Editor-in-chief Fr. Rif'at Bader - موقع أبونا

Published on Monday, 27 February 2023
Caritas Syria director: "The Vatican is doing its best to have sanctions lifted" :

The Director of Caritas Syria, Riad Sargi, calls the sanctions imposed on Syria "unjust" and describes them as stalling the humanitarian aid needed for the survival of those affected by the recent earthquakes. But Syria's ongoing call for international aid has not gone unnoticed by the Vatican. 


He says, "Pope Francis is working for Syria day by day, hour by hours, and he promised to send to Syria a lot of support. And they informed us that they are also doing their best in Vatican City to lift the sanctions on Syria."


He adds, "We saw a lot of people losing their own hands to remove some stones, to secure some people under the rubble because we really need a lot of equipment. And we have no spare parts also for this equipment, for medical devices, for medical equipment and so on."


Sargi describes the situation in Syria as a nightmare. Survivors must brave the winter cold and food shortages. Right now, Caritas Syria has 300 staff members and 150 volunteers, with 15 new arrivals from Lebanon. But they are hoping for more aid from the international community.


Caritas Syria is distributing clothes, food and water to survivors. Its volunteers continue to work on rescue efforts, but report that they do not have the required materials to do so due to sanctions. The aid they are currently receiving comes from the closest Caritas in Lebanon.