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Published on Saturday, 23 July 2022
Church surrounded by flames but remains untouched in East London 'miracle' :

Despite being surrounded by a wildfire, a church in Wennington has "miraculously" survived unharmed. 


As record temperatures saw firefighters face their busiest day since World War II, engines scrambled to the East London village.


Almost 20 homes were completely destroyed as the blaze ripped through the terraced homes. 


The graveyard of Wennington church is entirely scorched by the flames, which surrounded the Grade II listed St Mary and St Peter's Church.


Despite being just centimeters from the roaring fire, on all sides, the place of worship was unharmed. 


Images taken at the scene show the burnt churchyard next to the green grass surrounding the church building.


The vicar has called it a "miracle" thanks to the careful work of the church warden, Tim.


There was no dried grass next to the wall, keeping the flames at bay.


Tim's own home has been entirely destroyed. 


Speaking to Premier, Rev Elise Peterson said: "The fire went almost entirely around the church, but didn't touch the church walls. 


"It didn't even burn particularly hot, in part, thanks to our Church Warden who attends to the grounds. "So there wasn't much fuel for the fire."


Rev Peterson says the survival of the church is nothing short of a miracle, but it's bittersweet. 


She says: "Although we're rejoicing that our church building is intact, we're obviously mourning with our neighbors who have lost everything, and all of the village because they're all affected by this fire. 


"It's going to change the complexion of their village for many, many months to come."