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Published on Tuesday, 5 December 2023
COP28: Religious leaders appeal for joint action to heal the planet
Pope Francis and other religious leaders sign a joint document in which they call on politicians, governments, and businesses to accelerate the transition of energy to inclusively to heal our planet.

Benedetta Capelli/ :

The declaration signed by various religious leaders during COP28 has commitment and hope as its underlying foundation. Having also been signed by Pope Francis, the Document highlights unity, shared responsibility and fraternity as some of the key elements necessary to achieve the goal of lowering the earth's temperature by 1.5 degrees by 2030. The religious leaders have also reaffirmed their support for communities affected by climate change.


At COP28, representatives of different indigenous faiths and traditions, religious scholars, academics, women's organizations, young people, civil society, business leaders and environmental policy makers gathered in Abu Dhabi to express their sorrow for what is happening in our world. There, too, they recognized and acknowledged "the connections between climate change, migration, and conflict and the potential role for people of faith as 'environmental peacebuilders,' striving to forge pathways of compassion and mediation amid conflicts".


Call to action


The document calls for urgent responses to speed up the energy transition guaranteeing "equity and justice", inviting people to embrace a circular model to live "a balanced and dignified life in harmony with nature". It also appelas to businesses to switch from fossil fuels to clean energy sources; and to governments to promote sustainable agriculture in full guarantee of food security and protection of ecosystems. "No one must be left behind," reads the text, emphasizing "the needs of all people, especially children, vulnerable communities facing disaster and conflict, young people, women, and Indigenous Peoples, as well as animals and nature, must be at the center of our endeavors". 


For a different future in harmony with the Earth


The religious leaders then pledge to change their consumption patterns and promote sustainable ones. They also promise to raise their voices for the defence of biodiversity and wildlife conservation, to support equality and the rights of indigenous peoples, "defending the ancestral wisdom that is entwined with the Earth's well-being."


"As we stand at the precipice of history, considering the gravity of the challenges we collectively face, we remain mindful of the legacy we will leave for generations to come, "the document reads. "We ardently implore all decision-makers assembled at COP28 to seize this decisive moment and to act with urgency, weaving a tapestry of shared action and profound responsibility".


Finally, the document calls for swift, collaborative and resolute action "to heal our wounded world and preserve the splendor of our common home. In the process, we need to bring back hope for future generations. Together, we extend our open arms to all people, inviting them to embark on this journey toward a future of resilience, harmony, and flourishing for all life on Earth".