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Published on Saturday, 1 May 2021
Haiti: All kidnapped religious freed
The seven remaining kidnapped clergy in Haiti, who were abducted by a street gang, have been freed unharmed.

By James Blears/ :

An outpouring of joy and relief has followed the peaceful resolution to a crisis, which at times was volatile, unstable and uncertain.


Investigations continue and police are reportedly focussing on the criminal activities of powerful street gangs who resort to kidnappings in order to demand a ransom.


It all started on April 11th, when four Haitian Priests, and Nun and three relatives, plus a French Priest and a French Nun were taken away at gunpoint in the town of Croix des Bouquets, North East of the Capital Port Au Prince.


Three Haitian priests were released last week. But it was still far from over...So then, Masses, prayers and the agonizing wait continued until this thankful conclusion.  The Society of Priests of St Jacques, a missionary group, especially thank the French and US Ambassadors in Haiti,  for their discreet diplomatic skills in successfully helping to bring this about. 


Murder, kidnappings and rampant lawlessness on the streets of Haiti,  has surged during this year,  in part due to dire poverty and political uncertainty increasing, in the absence of elections.


Earlier, the Archdiocese of Port Au Prince issued a statement, deploring: "The descent into hell of Haitian Society," and denouncing the unprecedented violence of armed gangs.


Archbishop of Port Au Prince Max Leroy Mesidor said: "Our contentment will be greater, when we live in a country where kidnappings don`t exist, where everyone can move as they want,  and there`s respect for the law."