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Published on Monday, 25 July 2022
Iraq: 'The Christian Iraqi denomination represents cultural heritage of the inhabitants of Mesopotamia' :

On Sunday July 24, Prime Minister Mustafa Kadhimi received Patriarch of Babylon of the Chaldeans Cardinal Louis Raphaël Sako  and his Auxiliary Bishop Basel Yado.


During the meeting, the prime minister reiterated that peaceful common living among the Iraqi people is the mainstay of civil peace and the basis of ideal citizenship that supports the security, well-being of Iraqis, and the stability of their livelihood.


He added that the Iraqi Christian denomination represents the cultural heritage and the historical extension of the inhabitants of Mesopotamia and that the firm brotherhood among the sons of Iraq is the goal, the end, and the foundation for all Iraqis, and that diversity is a social wealth that increases the strength of our people in various fields.


The prime minister called for taking measures to facilitate and follow up on several issues and needs that were raised and discussed during the meeting.