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Published on Sunday, 7 July 2024
Lebanon: “We are the sons of this land and we want to remain”

Olivia Poust/ :

The people in southern Lebanon, who lived through war in 2006, are once again experiencing the horror of bombings and destruction. The residents of southern Lebanon, impacted by the conflict between Israel and Hamas, learn about the work of the Church to help residents remain in their homes through food, medical and educational support.


In southern Lebanon, the reality of bombings between Israel and Hezbollah are all too familiar. The hope for many residents is the same: to remain connected to their homes. The church is helping them to do just that.


“As a church, our role is to help them to be rooted in their land,” said Father Marios Khairallah of St. George Melkite Greek Catholic Church in Tebnine, southern Lebanon.


The Melkite Greek Catholic Archeparchy of Tyre, with the help of CNEWA-Pontifical Mission, is providing food, medicine, housing to the displaced, medical care and more for affected families.


“We are the sons of this land and we want to remain,” said Jamil Salloum, a former resident of Yaroun.