Issued by the Catholic Center for Studies and Media - Jordan. Editor-in-chief Fr. Rif'at Bader - موقع أبونا

Published on Tuesday, 19 September 2023
Lebanon: The Middle East Council of Churches’ team accompanies the neediest :

As people age, their physical abilities degrade rendering them less active then before and making them in need of assistance and support to help them regain their hope despite all the pressures that surround them.


In Lebanon, the difficult living conditions are burdening the citizens who are struggling amidst the worsening social and economic crises. As for the elderly, they are, in turn, facing greater difficulties and challenges as a result of the absence of laws and procedures that protect them and preserve their dignity.


Ibrahim Habib is 76 years old and lives in one of the Beirut areas. Ibrahim has not only reached a critical period in his life, but also has a disability in his leg preventing him from easily commuting in his own house and even at public places. The sad part of the matter is that this disability was detected during a time when he was deemed of working age and therefore made it difficult for him to secure a job. Now, age has taken its toll on Ibrahim, making it ever so problematic to live a normal life. What makes things even more problematic is his inability to pay for food and bills.


Therefore, the Middle East Council of Churches (MECC) is keen to preserve human dignity. Within the framework of its humanitarian programs, MECC followed up Ibrahim's case in order to help him overcome the challenges he faces. Hence, the team of the MECC Diakonia and Social Service Department, Lebanon’s office, visited Ibrahim at his home, accompanied by a social worker, in order to ease him and check his basic needs. In this context, the Middle East Council of Churches provided him with cash assistance aiming at supporting him in securing his necessary supplies.


During this visit, Ibrahim expressed his joy, saying, “This walking stick is pretty old and wobbly and I’ve had since forever. Maybe now I can afford a new one to make my life easier. Thank you so much for your help.”


In fact, Ibrahim Habib is one of the elderlies who have become abandoned and alone, as they are supposed to live the end of their lives in dignity. But does anyone listen to their pain?