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Published on Tuesday, 8 June 2021
Pope Francis calls for praying for peace in the Holy Land and Myanmar
Pope Francis’ tweet on Tuesday, June 8, invites believers of all faiths to be artisans of peace and set aside a minute to pray for peace according to their own religious tradition. :

Pope Francis is inviting men and women of all faiths to join in prayer for peace. The International Catholic Action is calling for the dedication of "one minute for peace", each according to his or her own religious tradition. Let us pray in particular for the Holy Land and for Myanmar” is his tweet for Tuesday morning.



Pope’s reminder during Angelus


The Pope had already recalled the initiative during the Sunday Angelus on 6 May.


Receiving this message with gratitude, the Secretary General of the International Federation of Catholic Action, Maria Grazia Tebaldi, noted that Pope Francis is asking all believers to become artisans of peace in their daily lives.


In an interview with Vatican News, Tebaldi explained that "The event was celebrated for the first time in 2014 and since then, every 8 June, in every continent we pray for peace in the Holy Land.”


“This year in the hearts of each and every one there will also be a special attention to Myanmar,” she added.


How to participate


The appeal, Tebaldi said, is addressed to all people, meaning that everyone can pray at home, at work, anywhere they may find themselves.


Many believers, she continued are members of associations or communities, “so the prayer will also be collective and in several countries there will also be online initiatives, such as in Argentina".


Regarding the time, she concluded, it does  not refer to a time zone, but the 1pm time line is relative to each country specific State, and starting in the Philippines it will continue “in a great collective prayer for peace. “