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Published on Friday, 5 February 2021
Syria: MECC organizes vocational trainings in Aleppo :

The Middle East Council of Churches (MECC) has organized vocational trainings in Aleppo city, Syria, in cooperation with the Armenian Protestant Church, in which 200 men and women participated.


The trainings lasted a month-and-a-half and included a variety of specializations: women hairdressing, makeup art, mobile maintenance, electrical wiring, management of tourism and travel offices, culinary art, pastry, tailoring, screen printing, and sewing.


The outstanding participants joined a six days business course, during which they learned the methods of starting up a small business. At the end of this course, they received the necessary tool kits to start working.


Then the team organized a graduation party which was attended by the directors of the institutes and the trainees who have received vocational qualification certificates.


One of the participants in the Electrical Wiring Training said: “the vocational training provided us with the needed basics to start working, so we acquired more skills and experience. Moreover, the business course tackled the optimal methods of managing our work. I used to dream of finding a job opportunity and now I am capable of finding one in addition to being able to manage my work properly”.


Another participant in the sewing training added: “we now have confidence in our skills and we have self-esteem. The vocational training taught us all what we need for a greater profession. We thank all who have supported and helped us to build a better future for ourselves.”


Another beneficiary who participated in the makeup art training, said: “my friends had already benefited from a similar training organized by MECC in the past. Today, it was my turn to benefit as well and I am going to start up a business in partnership with my friends”.