Issued by the Catholic Center for Studies and Media - Jordan. Editor-in-chief Fr. Rif'at Bader - موقع أبونا

Published on Saturday, 5 June 2021

Fr. Bader: Amman Municipality must apologize as harming religious sentiments is rejected

Fr. Dr. Rif'at Bader    :

In an exclusive press statement to Rum News Agency, Director of the Catholic Center for Studies and Media Fr. Dr. Rif'at Bader said that the statement issued by the Amman Municipality regarding the billboard of the Bible Society of Jordan elicits renunciation and denunciation. He noted that this verse, quoted from the Book of Psalms and posted on a billboard, is one of the verses recited in churches. He added that it neither violated customs nor traditions, Arabism, Arab nationalism and morals, as was mentioned in the Amman Municipality statement.


Fr. Bader added, "There is no need to comment on this matter in this way, as Christians and some Muslims in this country view this attitude as a blatant violation of the Holy Bible and disrespect for religious sentiments." He added that the verse which says, “But the meek shall inherit the earth; and shall delight themselves in the abundance of peace" is a praise of meekness and of the meek who are good people. Furthermore, the term "delight themselves" is not used in the sensual sense, as one is supposed to logically read this verse.


Fr. Bader pointed out that the issue is now between the Jordan Bible Society, which is a Ministry of Culture-registered association, and the Amman Municipality as each party has to verify the validity of its position. But our comment is on the statement which inflicted harm on the sentiments of all Christians and Muslims who believe in the necessity of maintaining national unity. He stressed the necessity to confront whoever harms this national unity by sowing the seeds of sectarianism and division in the extended Jordanian society.


 Fr. Bader continued that the Amman Municipality has been notified of this objection and there will be a  meeting on Saturday, June 5, to  be attended by the mayor, a number of deputies, and the heads of Churches. He indicated that apology for a mistake is a virtue and that the municipality is required to present an apology whereby abuse of religious feelings is rejected and an apology is needed.