Issued by the Catholic Center for Studies and Media - Jordan. Editor-in-chief Fr. Rif'at Bader - موقع أبونا

Published on Monday, 25 October 2021

Love is incessant

By Fr. Dr. Rif'at Bader :

I like the girl who is proud of her father. When the time comes for her to leave her home to join her husband within the framework of the marriage sacrament, tears stream down her eyes as she weeps when seeing the tears of her father, who tells the cheering people that leaving her parental home to the home of her husband is rather "difficult to comprehend".


This girl is proud of her father, family, as she leaves in an honorable, honest, and legitimate way to complete the procession of life with her husband. Yet, she cries missing the home that exudes affectionate impressions. I side in this article with the father, although the mother's role is basic and not exclusive.


I like  the girl who shows love to her father also after his death. The situation is reversed from a father crying over his daughter leaving her home to what we usually call the golden cage, to the girl crying over her father’s passing away on his way to the Heavenly Kingdom.


 We, as clergymen, are regularly contacted by sons and daughters,  to arrange for burial procedures and extension of condolences. We also feel that a girl’s grief over her father’s death before her eyes is excruciating and painful, as he is the irreplaceable crown over the head. Sometimes, uncles try to fill even a small part of the vacuum created in the life of daughters in particular, but this vacuum  remains huge which necessitates great patience and faith.


I love the mother who listens to doctors’ views that the fetus in her womb is sick. She suffers for the fetus' silent pain, yet she valiantly refuses to resort to abortion or  to killing children and fetuses.


 A few days ago, media outlets highlighted a report about a Polish mother whom doctors advised to abort a piece of her flesh, since the fetus was sick and would not enjoy a peaceful life. She firmly rejected the proposal, welcomed her baby at the time, stayed with him till the last moment of his life while the Divine Providence  enabled the baby to live for a few days. The mother stayed by the side of her baby for one month while inundating him  with motherly love.  It is strictly said that " love does not take a leave".


I like the parents who accompany their children to universities on the first day of their studies. Yet, their feelings on the first day of their kindergarten children are painful because it is the first day that a child spends time outside the family home. As for university, pride  becomes the master of the situation. The sons become men and the daughters become women as both are proud of their efforts in high school. We exert huge efforts in order to help them complete their procession in the field of growth so as to design their future personalities. The children attend universities with great pride as they are supported by parents who pride themselves in their children's enrollment in higher education.


I like the school principals and teachers who resume "physical" education while they emit feelings of love for their students and a longing for the beautiful days that preceded the eruption of the Corona pandemic which were full of innocent frolicking. Yet, the principals and the teachers pride themselves that  there is no way to return to virtual education. We are back to classrooms to see determination in the eyes of our children who are willing to map out  a safe future, where education serves as a firm means to pave the way with confidence and optimism.